Maintenance Agreements

HVAC Maintenance Agreements

Accel Preventative Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance Agreements are a great way to keep up with the everyday maintenance that all HVAC systems require to keep running well. If you neglect the maintenance of your HVAC equipment, you can expect to eventually have some problems that will probably cost a lot more to fix than it would have cost to prevent.

Do yourself a favor, and sign up for our HVAC Maintenance Agreements, and keep your home or business comfortable and safe.

Silver Maintenance Plan

Our money-saving bi-annual heating and cooling maintenance plan

  • $145.00 for One (1) System
  • $95.00 Each Additional System

Maintenance Plan Benefits

  • Decrease energy usage and cost
  • Prolong the life of your air conditioning and heating equipment
  • Improve the quality of the air you breathe!

We will perform a precision semi-­annual tune up and cleaning that will include the following:


1. Clean condenser

2. Check evaporator

3. Check condensate pan

4. Clean or replace filters.*

5. Lubricate as required.

6. Check voltage and amperage

7. Check operating pressures

8. Check wiring connections

9. Check all safety controls

10. Check compressor contactor

11. Check start capacitor and relay

12. Check temperature drop

13. Check and adjust thermostat

14. Inspect for refrigerant leaks

15. Check belts and adjust tensions.

WINTER1. Clean burners

2. Check and adjust pilot

3. Adjust burners if needed

4. Lubricate, as required

5. Check for leaks in furnace

6. Check and clean vent pipe

7. Clean or replace filters*

8. Check and adjust belts

9. Check all safety controls

10. Check and adjust thermostat

11. Check fan and limit control

12. Check temperature rise

13. Check heat exchanger

14. Check manifold gas pressure

15. Check for proper operation.

SPECIAL CONDITIONS The time of this service shall be at the discretion of Accel Heating & Cooling . The duct work, electrical, water, drains and gas connected to this equipment is not part of this agreement. Accel Heating & Cooling is not liable for damages incidental to work performed under this agreement. The only parties to this agreement are Accel Heating & Cooling and the customer. All equipment repairs will be at our normal retail rates less 10% on parts and labor.

*Replacement of filters includes only 1″ pleated disposable filters.

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