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Residential St Louis Heat Pump Repair

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Keeping the proper temperature in your home at the proper time is important. Both your time and comfort inside your home is valuable. Because heat pumps are used year round to both cool and heat your home, we will work hard to quickly restore your heat pump so you and your family can enjoy your home in comfort again.

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While some components of a heat pump system are similar to those in conventional heating and air conditioning systems, major components are unique to heat pumps and require the professional skill and knowledge acquired through years of experience.

How Heat Pumps Work

In moderate climates, a heat pump can be an exceptionally efficient way to heat and cool your home. The US Department of Energy estimates that a properly installed and maintained system can deliver up to three times the electrical energy it uses as heat energy into your home. Unlike a conventional furnace, which burns fuel to create heat energy, a heat pump simply moves heat from one place to another. An inside coil and an outside coil, along with a reversible valve in the refrigerant line, allow heat to be moved efficiently in either direction.

Residential Heat Pump Thermostat Tip

Maximize energy savings by simply reading and following the manufacture’s operating guidelines. A properly used programmable thermostat can make a huge difference on lowering your energy bill! – Department of Energy